Manufacturing Capabilities


Wellex Manufacturing has a full line of CNC Mills, CNC Lathes, oxygen and nitrogen cutting laser, computer control press break, CNC Saws, along with a full array of manual machines. We are capable of precision CNC machining and metal fabrication of limited production runs, medium volume production and tool & die manufacturing. We machine many parts that are made from exotic metals, as well as, all steels, aluminum, and plastics.

Summary of machines:

  • 12 CNC Milling Spindles
  • 4 CNC Lathe Spindles
  • 2 CNC Saws
  • 48” x 48” laser (capable of both Oxygen and Nitrogen cutting)
  • 50” Computer Controlled 10 Ton Press Brake***
  • 4 Manual Mills
  • 3 Manual Lathes
  • 3 Manual Saws
  • 2 Broaching Machines
  • 3 Welding machine capable of Mig, Tig and Arc Welding (Certified and General welding available)


Quality and Scheduling

Wellex Manufacturing uses the E2 Software Shop System. This is a comprehensive manufacturing software that allows us to track every step of the manufacturing process for every part that we make. This starts with the initial quote, and goes through the final shipping paper work. This software allows us to better schedule our shop time, keep a close eye on important jobs, and give more accurate delivery schedules to our customers. We also use this to establish a quality system and inspection documents for each part. After final inspection, the E2 software also stores all quality documents with all the other order paper work.

The advantage of E2 for our customers is we are able to schedule every minute of each machine, able to track jobs and estimate deliveries with much more precision than ever before. And in the high paced Valve Automation industry, this is as important as ever.


Wellex Manufacturing regularly manufacturs parts from some of the most unique materials. We have manufactured internal valve parts from Monel, Inconel, Waspalloy, and many different grades of Stainless Steel. With such a large array of machines, we have many options for tackling any type of job with any type of material.

We stock a large inventory of 3/16” thru 5/8” Flat Stainless Steel and Carbon steel plates, and a large selection of many different diameter bars of varying materials. We have the ability of turning jobs around very quickly and reducing material cost by pulling from our large inventory.

How to Order

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