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Wellex Manufacturing is a full-service manufacturing facility that specializes in valves and the fabrication of valve automation hardware. We are known in the valve industry for our high quality products, on-time deliveries, design capacity, and quick turn-around. For us, no job is too small or quantity too large.

For over 50 years Wellex Manufacturing has been recognized as a partner with our customers. We pride ourselves in building strong, lasting relationships with our customers and meeting their every valve need.

At Wellex Manufacturing, we are customer exclusive. Not having a product line of our own, we design and manufacture only to our customers’ needs and at their request. We bring the most modern technology available to serve you and your needs faster and more cost effectively.


Wellex Manufacturing was founded in 1963 as a vendor in the construction of the Cincinnati Gas & Electric Zimmer power plant in Moscow, Ohio. Starting out as a specialty small quantity manufacturer, we diversified into more production machining that quickly focused on the valve industry. We specialized in high end, tight tolerance internal valve components made from many different types of materials. See Manufacturing Capacities for more details.

In 2010, we acquired another manufacturing facility that was also very strong in the valve industry. This company focused more on the valve automation and valve bracket business. The combination of these two companies resulted in a great, full service manufacturing company able to cater to all the needs of our valve customers – manufactures and distributors alike.

In the beginning, we prided ourselves on working with our customers and meeting their every unique need. Almost 50 years later, and with a much larger Wellex, this philosophy continues.

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